Whenever I am with Nia she lifts my spirits, She is ideal for this service, she has the ability to connect particularly with the older person. 


She is a good listener, and has a good sense of humour, which can comfort and support almost anyone she meets, no matter how difficult that person can be, and she soon becomes their treasured friend. 


She is easy to talk to and a phone call from her can brighten your day, when I am with her I can relax and be myself and talk about anything. Whether that is out for a walk or just having a cup of tea. 


she can be Direct when needed, but does this in such a supportive way, and it helps to break down communication barriers, 


I love being in her company, and she always cheers me up. 


She has an incredible ability to see past the outer shell of a person and see the person within, and does this with an empathetic and caring nature, she has a funny and quirky personality and a smile that lights up her face, and that carries through to the person she is connecting with. 

                                                                      - Mrs C Williams

Elderly Woman at Gym
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